In the wake of everything going on in the world, Bitcoin is a topic I really wanted to discuss. I remember when I first heard about Bitcoin a couple of years ago; the media made it seem like a complete scam. I wasn’t really interested in learning more about it for that reason. Additionally, I had just started my journey into markets so I already had my hands full. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that Bitcoin started to peak my interest. I had a much better understanding of financial markets and economies so the idea of a crypto currency started to make more sense to me. However, the details were still a bit blurry to me.

Fortunately for me I already had a connection to Bitcoin. Enter Tom Ferranola, VP of Gelfman Blueprint. Gelfman Blueprint is a New York based Fin-tech Company and they serve as a high frequency Bitcoin hedge fund. They are averaging a return of   7-9% monthly on their HFT! I invested with Gelfman Blueprint because they act as my exposure to the future of Bitcoin. I see tremendous value in this technology as financial systems around the world are becoming exposed in their practices.

“The deflationary value is very key to why I am long Bitcoin as an investment. The fact that there will one day be a finite amount leads to the assumption that price must expand as the market expands. As the world becomes even more digital, I believe Bitcoin will be viewed as a modern equivalent to gold. And that is not even considering the growth of block chain applications and Bitcoin as a financial Internet platform.” –Tom Ferranola

Personally, Bitcoin is not only a growth investment but I use it as a hedge as well. Bitcoin is my hedge against financial turmoil and meltdowns. When the Greece crisis was at its boiling point the price of Bitcoin took off. People in Greece were using Bitcoin as a way to protect their capital and send it overseas. The scary part is what happened in Greece could also happen here. My own trading system as of right now is focused on stocks and commodities, so it is comforting to know a percentage of my overall portfolio is allocated to a noncorrelated hedge.

You can check out more by visiting Gelfman Blueprint follows a very strict AML and compliance policy.

The future for Bitcoin